Dierks BentleyHe may have been named one of Country's Hottest Guys in a special edition of PEOPLE magazine this year, but Dierks Bentley just considers himself "a dude's dude."

"I'm just fortunate that some girls like that sort of thing," the singer jokes with the Daily American Republic.

Dierks says he's a creature of habit who loves to ride a motorcycle and watch ESPN's 'SportsCenter' when he's off the road. And being home with wife, Cassidy and their one-year-old daughter, Evie, is definitely his comfort zone. "It's a beautiful thing," Dierks says with a smile.

But Dierks won't allow himself to be a creature of habit or feel comfortable when he's in the studio recording. He remembers very well how nervous he felt when he cut his first album. Four albums later, he tries to recapture that feeling each time he goes into the studio, by bringing in different musicians and changing up his environment, to keep himself on his toes.

After enjoying the comfort and revelry of being on tour with Brad Paisley this past year -- the Paisley Party Tour, which hit Canada and Australia, followed by the American Saturday Night Tour in the fall, which hit all 48 states -- Dierks remembers back to 1994, when he came to Nashville and played any venue that would have him. "I did it the old fashioned way, touring nonstop, playing 300 shows a year," he reflects. "Over the years, I was able to open up for bigger acts."

Although he looks forward to taking a break from the road now, Dierks will always be anticipating with hunger that next gig.

"I'm excited about the last couple shows, doing our own thing, which is what we love to do," he says, blue eyes lighting with smile as he gets ready to perform at the Black River Coliseum in Poplar Bluff, Mo., Thursday night. "Everybody knows when you get back home for a few days, you wish you had another gig to do."