Spring has sprung, but Dierks Bentley is already looking forward to summertime when he gets to bask in the fresh air and sunshine.

"I love being outside," Dierks tells The Boot. "I have a boat that [Kenny] Chesney bought me a while back and it's been sitting in storage for the most of last year because I've been out on the road. So, hopefully I'll get that out and get out on Percy Priest Lake [near Nashville], because the number one thing for me is to be on the water. I love being out on the lake, just being outside in general. I hate being cooped up. I love being outside."

After moving to Nashville and before getting married and having a child, Dierks actually lived on a houseboat for several years. So, naturally, not being confined indoors is what Dierks likes best about the summer months.

"If it's outside I'll do it," the Phoenix native explains. "With my daughter, just going out to [Nashville's] Radnor Lake and walking out there and then taking some camping trips would be fun, but the lake would be the No. 1 thing for sure."

He also has a couple of projects to work on this summer, when he is not on the road. "Hopefully getting some time to work on building this cabin I've been dreaming about for a year now would be a great thing to do," says Dierks. The cabin he is referring to is the prefabricated building he wants to construct on the ridge located on his property in Middle Tennessee.

Dierks is set to perform a show Friday (April 16) in Scottsdale, Ariz., and kick offs his Up on the Ridge tour April 21 in Portland, Ore.