Dierks Bentley is about to take his third trip to the Grammys, this time as a Best Country Collaboration with Vocals nominee for his song, 'Beautiful World,' with Patty Griffin. The singer tells The Boot that he feels especially honored that the song was nominated, since it's an album cut going up against songs that were radio singles.

"Patty's been nominated a lot and won, and I've never won," Dierks says, "but just looking at my album and seeing her name on the back that we did a song together is really special. Just to hear our names called out, especially for a song that wasn't even a single, is so special ... It's a powerful song. So I'll save whatever nomination card I get whether I win or not ... I'll save that as some sort of plaque somewhere, because it means just as much to me as winning would."

This is Dierks' third year in a row to be nominated for a Grammy Award.