Dierks Bentley's daughter Evie is already daddy's little girl and the apple of his eye in more ways than one.

The singer reveals that he took a picture of her this week that pretty much encompasses all the things Daddy loves. "She's doing great these days. She's running around," Dierks tells The Boot.

"I took a picture of her today and she's wearing a Station Inn t-shirt and holding a hockey stick, and those are two things that pretty much would sum up who I am. I love acoustic music, that's where I got my start, and I'm crazy about playing hockey!"

So will daddy let her marry a hockey player one day, a la Carrie Underwood, if she continues to follow his passion for the sport? "Uh, not the hockey players I know!," says Dierks. "They're pretty crazy guys! But we'll see. I haven't even thought about it ... the idea of her marrying anybody at this point kind of freaks me out!"

Evie may soon be wearing a Patty Griffin t-shirt as well if her proud papa takes home the Grammy for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals for his duet with Patty on 'Beautiful World.'