When it comes to the joys of fatherhood, first-time dad Dierks Bentley admits he may deserve an 'I told you so!' or two.

"I've had so many friends that say, 'Man, it'll change your life.' And it's like, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's not going to change my life.' But it really does," Bentley tells The Boot. "It's like starting over again. Your whole world explodes and you see everything completely different. Everything is more meaningful, more colorful."

Bentley and wife Cassidy welcomed baby Evie in October. The country star can't quite put into words the surprises she brings every day.

"My daughter has been so amazing," he gushes. "She's three months now, and it's not something you can really talk about in an interview. It's mind-blowing.

"It's like you get a chance to do everything over again. So with Cass and Evie and our two dogs, it's like you have your own tribe. I just love that feeling of starting our own traditions and having our own thing. It's amazing. I highly recommend it," Bentley says with a laugh.

Bentley is set to release his fourth studio album, 'Feel That Fire,' on February 3. That's also the day you can see the debut of his live AOL Music Sessions performance. Come back here to The Boot on February 3 to read our full interview with Bentley and watch him perform five brand-new songs in our studio.