Dierks Bentley has soared to the top of the charts with his latest single, 'Am I the Only One.' The tune, the first single from his upcoming album, is a humorously true tale.

"I wrote this song with some friends, about some friends of mine who I couldn't get to go out on the town on a Friday night," Dierks recalls. "They were giving me some pretty weak excuses, so I had to make fun of them in the lyrics of this song. No one was actually watching 'American Idol.' If one of my friends turned me down for 'American Idol' on a Friday night, we'd definitely have to exchange some words. Nothing wrong with 'American Idol,' but you can TiVo that show and watch it whenever you want. When it's Friday night, it's time to go out and have a good time."

His current uptempo hit marks the first time the Arizona native has been in the Top 20 on the charts since 'I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes' from his 2009 album, 'Feel That Fire.' He followed that CD with his critically-acclaimed, bluegrass-tinged CD, 'Up on the Ridge,' before returning to more mainstream country -- and was pleasantly surprised by his warm reception.

"'Am I the Only One' has been the perfect bridge between the 'Ridge' album and my next project," he notes. "I wanted to give radio and fans a fun party song to set the tone for summer, and I am so grateful that they helped take it all the way to No. 1. Now we're ready to start peeling back more layers of the new album and get geared up for the Country & Cold Cans tour!"

Dierks' Country & Cold Cans tour kicks off on October 6 in Lacrosse, Wis., and he already has high expectations for opening acts Jerrod Niemann and the Eli Young Band. "It's been a killer summer playing festivals all over the country and partying with the most die-hard country music fans out there," says the tunesmith. "I can't imagine that I'll have to convince Jerrod or EYB to have a cold beer or two ... they are always up for the party."

See Dierks' complete tour schedule here.

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