Deana Carter is busy with her music career, including the release of her 'Southern Way of Life' album this year, but the singer admits she had hoped to be busy as an actress instead. Carter reveals she auditioned for a major role in the hit TV show 'Nashville' before a seasoned actress ultimately claimed the part.

"I auditioned for Rayna," she admits to Nashville's Tennessean. "I know quite a few people did. I think Connie [Britton] does a great job. And I love the show, I'm a huge fan."

Carter still managed to have a connection to the show. The 48-year-old co-wrote a song, 'I Know How to Love You Now,' with Chip Esten (who plays Deacon Claybourne), which was sung live by Esten during the Season 3 premiere. She was on set to sing the song with Esten, a clip of which will appear on the show's video series, 'On the Record.'

The songstress released her 'Southern Way of Life' record on her own Little Nugget record label, in part so she could finally release the album she has always wanted to make.

“Most of these songs mimic my own life,” she explains. “Instinctively autobiographical, the project weaves through many levels of emotions and situations, culminating with the title track that will make any Southern smile.”

Order 'Southern Way of Life' here, and download 'I Know How to Love You Now' here.