Dean Miller's video for his latest single, 'Til You Stop Getting Up,' features one of country music's biggest stars. Kris Kristofferson not only appears alongside Miller in the video, but surprisingly, was also part of Miller's inspiration in writing the tune.

"When I wrote and recorded the song 'Til You Stop Getting Up,' I was always imagining the images in the song," Miller tells USA Today. "They really lend themselves to a video. I knew that Kris was a former Golden Gloves boxer, and I knew there was no one else but him to cast as the older fighter. I was shocked and excited when he said that he would do it! I began putting all the pieces together, financed, produced and directed the video myself."

The story of the video is loosely based on a Golden Gloves boxer named Jack Kelly, but a poster featured in the video shows a young Kristofferson, who had some success as a boxer before launching his music career.

"He has lived a life others can only dream of and crammed more life into one than I could squeeze out if I had a hundred chances," Miller notes. "Personally and professionally, he has been someone I aspire to be like. His swagger, alone, as he walks into a room is awe inspiring!"

Miller, who grew up wanting to follow in the footsteps of his father, the late Roger Miller, admits it hasn't been easy breaking into the music business, but he says his latest project has given him renewed determination.

“I have definitely had my share of ups and downs in the music business,” he concedes. “For a few years, I had completely given up on myself. I let the voices of other people and myself tell me my dream was over.”

It was only when he came across this song, while sorting through some of his older catalog, that he found his inspiration.

“In that moment, I decided that I was the only one standing in my way," he recalls. "I decided to record again.”

'Til You Stop Getting Up' is available for purchase here.