David Nail, Pat MonahanDavid Nail has long been a fan of the band Train, and especially their song, 'I'm About To Come Alive,' which was the title track of David's debut CD and his first single. So it was quite a thrill when he recently found out that Train lead singer Pat Monahan told the Erie News that he not only was a fan of David's, but gave his stamp of approval to David's version of the song, saying he thinks it's 'awesome.'

"I am a huge Train fan," says David. "I had been covering the song in the majority of my acoustic shows for probably two years prior to going into the studio. It was a very personal song to me when I started singing it. It was almost eerily similar to what I was going through."

David says he was surprised when his producer let him cut the rock band's song for a country project. "He said, 'Man, I think it needs to be one of the five things we cut first.' I was surprised, but at the same time excited. It didn't take much twisting of the arm."

David says he hasn't yet spoken with Pat -- who also adds that he likes David's song 'Red Light,' -- but he has exchanged emails with Train guitarist Jimmy Stafford.

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