It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, and during Saturday's City of Hope Celebrity Softball Challenge -- part of the CMA Music Festival in Nashville -- that someone was David Nail. The "Red Light" singer was sent to the hospital after fracturing his finger and suffering a detached tendon -- the result, he says, of overzealous play.

"You put me in the game, and I only know one speed: hard," David, a renowned athlete, told Taste of Country. "I only play all-out, and that's what I was doing. I can't believe I broke something doing it, but at least I got my out."

Indeed, David earned MVP honors, and thanks to his access to quality medical care, he might not be out of the sidelines for long.

"I've got a really good neurosurgeon who will look at this next week, so I know I'll be okay long term," he said. "Right now, I just know I played hard, got to see a lot of the people from around the country who've been there with us over the past few years, and, hopefully, made a few new believers along the way."

His hands were evidently working well enough for him to jump on Twitter later on and update fans on his condition.

"Fingers crossed for no nerve damage, kinda need [this] finger!" he tweeted.

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