David Nail, Martina McBrideDavid Nail's name has been mentioned in music circles for some time now, but since the release of last year's long-awaited 'I'm About to Come Alive' album, he's garnered a whole new fan base, including fellow country artists -- a fact which, frankly, still surprises him.

"I overheard someone say that Martina McBride was on the radio in Philadelphia and somehow my name got brought up, and she referenced the 'Red Light' video," David explains to The Boot. "And I have a Garth Brooks shirt on in that that I actually got at a show of his when I was in the sixth grade. I still wear it. And she said she thought she'd probably sold me that shirt -- she sold merch for Garth back in the day. So I thought that was neat that she took enough time to look at the video and notice that. She was complimentary on the song, too, which is always such a surprise when someone you don't have a connection with says such nice things."

David recently released a new single, 'Turning Home,' which was co-written by Kenny Chesney and Scooter Carusoe.

David Nail on AOL Music