David Nail and Kenny ChesneyDavid Nail loved his new single, 'Turning Home,' the first time he heard it, but it wasn't necessarily a peaceful feeling when he found out that a country superstar was the man behind the song.

"I fell in love with the song long before I knew Kenny Chesney had written it," says David. "In fact, if anything I was a little saddened by the fact that he did write it, because I just assumed that it was borderline impossible for me to have the chance to record it. And we actually suffered through a couple of different Chesney records waiting to see if he was in fact going to record it."

Once the waiting was over and David cut the tune for his album, 'I'm About to Come Alive,' he was one happy man! "One of the coolest moments in my career thus far was performing it at the opening of the ASCAP Awards this past year and having a voice mail on my cell phone the next morning from Kenny himself more or less endorsing it and saying how fantastic it was," exclaims the Missouri native. "That was really cool because I think whether it's a songwriter who strictly writes songs for a living or another artist, when you kind of have the endorsement from the person who the lyric and the melody originated, I think that's the ultimate compliment."

David takes his 'Home' on the road when he plays Mesa, Ariz., on Wednesday (April 28).

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