David Nail's been hitting a home run with the release of his long-awaited album 'I'm About to Come Alive.' Now the lifelong baseball fan has become Major League Baseball's first-ever celebrity blogger.

David helped the Chicago White Sox celebrate 'Country Music Night' at U.S. Cellular Field on Tuesday night (Sept. 29), performing a four-song acoustic set in addition to the national anthem. He also practiced his pitching skills by throwing autographed t-shirts from the broadcast booth to the fans during the game's 7th inning stretch.

In his first blog post, David shares his "late season thoughts" as fans prepare for the playoffs and the World Series over the next few weeks.

And for those wondering about his credentials, David writes: "I'm just a 30-year old singer who loves baseball. I know more random facts than most, and have received much hazing for the uselessness of the majority of that knowledge. I played with one current major leaguer, and coached three current minor leaguers. I'm no expert, but I'm in the vicinity! HA!"

Wondering which team the Missouri-born singer-songwriter is rooting for? Here's a clue: he refers to the boys from St. Louis as "my Cardinals," although he adds that his recent trip to Chicago has also made him a White Sox fan.