Before seriously pursuing a career in music, David Nail found success in sports, particularly baseball. His athletic abilities got him as far as college ball, before he turned in his uniform for a guitar. In 2010, the Missouri native got to participate in the MLB's All-Star Legends & Celebrity, where he hit a home run. So, it's no surprise what movie he's hoping will take the Best Picture title at the Oscars this Sunday (Feb. 26).

"I know 'Moneyball' is getting a lot of attention, obviously being a sports fan and I enjoy Brad Pitt's work, hopefully he will do well there," David tells country radio consultants Albright & O'Malley.

The story about the Oakland Athletics' General Manager Billy Beane has also earned Pitt a nod in the Best Actor in a Leading Role category.

David is also quite the movie buff. His first No. 1 single, 'Let it Rain,' was actually inspired by 'The Last Kiss.' In the picture, Zach Braff cheats on his pregnant fiancée, and she kicks him out after finding out. In order to win her back, he sits outside their house for days in all types of weather.

"It's a really powerful scene and I just remember trying to wrap my head around that, to describe how there can be years of good but you can't hide one night that you forgot to wear a ring," the singer told The Boot. "Your life can be going just perfectly and everything's fine and one little mistake, can throw the wrench of all wrenches into it."

Several country singers have recently been trying their hands at acting. Miranda Lambert made her debut on 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' and Taylor Swift can be heard voicing one of the main characters in the new animated film, 'The Lorax.' However, David has no plans to follow in their footsteps.

"If someone asked [me] to do it [I'd] be flattered," he admits. "I've acted, somewhat, in all my videos and I'll let that work speak for itself whether it's good or bad. I don't consider myself a pro by any means."

David does respect his musical counterparts who have made the leap, though. "They definitely blow my mind, how they can turn it on and off so quickly, but it's not something I am actively seeking out," he says.

Next on his schedule, 'The Sound of a Million Dreams' singer is hitting the road with pop star Gavin DeGraw for a few shows in March. Get a full list of cities and dates here.