Darryl WorleyDarryl Worley willingly credits his wife, Kimberly, with helping him learn how to balance his career and to also keep the romance alive at home in a simple and meaningful way.

"My wife is an amazing woman, and she's all about making a wonderful memory," Darryl tells The Boot. "She never spends a bunch of money or does anything super extravagant, but she's all about making a memory that will last forever."

Darryl and Kimberly have labeled those memory-making instances their "remember that time moments."

"She's much better at this than I am, but I'm working on it," he says with a smile. "Because of her incredible example, I feel confident that someday I'll be one romantic dude."

Darryl also scored himself some points at home with the single, 'Best of Both Worlds,' which he co-wrote with Jim Brown. "She seems to be thrilled that my new single is a cool, grooving love song that I wrote about my true feelings for her."