Darius Rucker wrote 'True Believers,' the title track from his third solo country album, released in 2013, with Josh Kear. It was released as the disc's debut single in August 2012 and reached the Top 20 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart, and as Rucker tells The Boot, the song is a perfect example of a true-to-life country tune.

That song is definitely me. I love the song. Josh Kear and I wrote it together. It started out as a family song but turned into a bigger thing. We were trying to get across the defiant, "I'm going to make it no matter what you say" attitude.

[Josh] had the chorus idea, and I thought it was great. That kid's a genius and a hell of a singer. I'm a big fan of that guy. His melodies are wonderful. That's what I love ... when I hear him sing, I really want to sing what he just sang because he's so good at it. He can tell a story.

It's amazing how many people I hear from in a day on Twitter about how it just inspires them. It's great to hear from couples how it's inspiring them. It's cool to hear that from people. The message is great.

This story was originally written by Deborah Evans-Price, and revised by Angela Stefano.