Darius Rucker's country debut, 'Learn to Live,' has landed at No. 1 on the country albums charts, with more than 60,000 units sold in its first week. Rucker also claims the No. 1 bragging rights this week with his song, 'Don't Think I Don't Think About It,' which tops all three major country singles charts. This makes him the first solo act in 21 years to top the R&R country chart after gaining initial notoriety outside of the genre.

"Country music is as big a part of my life as R&B and rock 'n roll," the Hootie & the Blowfish frontman tells The Boot.

Rucker is also only the third African-American artist in history to hit No. 1 on the country singles charts, following Charley Pride and Ray Charles.

"There's not a racial barrier for me," Rucker told us, when asked if he'd met any resistance crossing over to country. "People accepted me, and I wasn't looking at it that way. Charley Pride's already done the ground work. All I got to do is play."

Rucker also jokes that the music he's playing these days was once deemed a little "too country" for country radio. But he was given the green light to make the record he wanted, as country as he wanted it to be ... which obviously paid off.

Darius Rucker -'Don't Think I Don't Think About It' Video