Will Ferrell's hit Christmas movie 'Elf' is a must-see during the holidays. Not only is it funny, full of Christmas cheer and highly entertaining -- it also propelled Darius Rucker to record a duet with Sheryl Crow on his 'Home for the Holidays' album.

Fans of the movie may remember the shower scene with Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel (no, it's not that kind of shower scene): Ferrell, who plays Buddy the Elf, overhears Deschanel singing 'Baby It's Cold Outside' while showering in the mall's locker room, and he innocently decides to sing a duet with the actress, prompting a hilarious reaction from her -- and him.

Rucker loved that scene so much, he wanted in on it.

"I decided to do ['Baby It's Cold Outside'] for one reason ... for that movie and how great they did it when she’s taking a shower in the bathroom, and he comes and sits on the counter, and he’s singing along with her,” he says.

Rucker tapped Crow to record the duet with him, but that's where the 'Elf' inspiration ended; no showers were included in the recording. The two country singers were, however, in the same room together while cutting the song, making memories along the way -- a rather uncommon way of recording in today's industry, where most duet parts are recorded independently of one another.

“When we got Sheryl to come and do it ... sitting there with her in the studio, right next to each other, singing it over and over and laughing and having a great time, I knew it was a great choice,” Rucker confirms.

The South Carolina native's holiday album is available now, and he calls it a dream come true. 'Home for the Holidays' boasts 12 tracks compiled into Rucker's first collection of holiday hits.

The 'Homegrown Honey' singer has been as busy as Santa Claus this season, most recently performing for the 'Christmas in Washington' TV special, which premieres on TNT on Dec. 19 at 8 PM ET.

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