Darius Rucker's first encounter with late 1980's country duo Foster & Lloyd was less than stellar. The former Hootie & the Blowfish frontman has never been shy about his admiration for the duo, whose Top 10 hits included 'Crazy Over You' and 'Sure Thing.' Darius says when he first heard Radney Foster's voice, he felt he could also have a career in country music.

Last week, Darius was among the artists saluting Radney at a concert celebrating his 50th birthday -- an experience that went a whole lot better than the first time he saw Foster & Lloyd live.

"That was a while back," Darius remembers. "I had been drinking and I was late for the show, and they were already on stage. So I work my way to the front of the stage and I start asking for my favorite Foster & Lloyd song, 'You Can Come Crying.' They basically ignore me, so all through the night I keep asking for the song."

The duo performed their final number in the show and left the stage, as the crowd called for an encore. Meanwhile, Darius began yelling out his request again. "Radney looks down at me and says, 'Man you came in late and we already did that song.' I just look at them and go, 'Hey, I'm the only black man in this place, and I love your music'." Bill Lloyd looks at Radney and goes, 'He's right, he is,' and they sing my song!"

It was another 10 years before Darius met Radney and Bill on a professional level, and finally got up the nerve to tell them the story, confessing that he was 'that guy' in the audience that night.

Darius guests on Radney's upcoming album, 'Revival,' contributing vocals on the song 'Angel Flight.' Darius also says he plans to put 'You Can Come Crying' on one of his own future albums, giving Foster & Lloyd opportunity to shout out their request for the song throughout his show!