Darius Rucker has his eyes on another job, one that would put him on the other side of the microphone. And as luck would have it, the position he's vying for is about to be vacant.

"I think I'd be a great judge," Darius tells OK! magazine, about the thought of taking over Simon Cowell's position when the contentious judge leaves 'American Idol' after this season. "I don't think my friends think I'd be great because I've been told I'd be too nice. But I think I'd be great because I like a lot of different things. You can play a [Frank] Sinatra tune, and I'll sing it. You can play a Hank Williams tune, and I'll sing it. Play an R.E.M. tune, and I'll sing it. I've had a little bit of success in this business. I think I'd be an alright judge."

OK, so maybe Darius isn't seriously contending for Simon's job, but he is serious about tuning into the show, now in it's ninth season. He says 'Idol' is a guilty pleasure his entire family enjoys. "We watch 'American Idol' religiously," Darius admits. "I love the people who are good, and I love the people who aren't good!"

But sometimes the Rucker household doesn't share that love ... Darius jokes that he and his wife of 12 years, Beth, get in some heated discussions about 'Idol' contestants. "My wife says it every year, 'That person can't really think they sing great.' I go, 'Yes, they do.' That's a common debate in our house. I always say to her, 'I'm not mad at them. I'm mad at their parents and their friends and their brother and sister who say, 'Hey, you can sing.' Those are the people you should be mad at.'"

Darius says he always picks favorites, and sadly, one of his picks this year, Haeley Vaughn, has already been eliminated. Still, he is holding out hope that his other favorite, Andrew Garcia, will make it to the end. "I think he's got a really smooth voice," Darius says of Andrew.

for his first ACM Award this year, the former Hootie & the Blowfish frontman is busy writing songs for his upcoming sophomore country album.

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