Songwriter William "Danny" Morrison passed away Monday (Feb. 13). He was 67. The Nashville native, who penned Kenny Rogers' 'Blaze of Glory' and Joe Diffie's 'Is it Cold in Here,' along with a long list of other country classics, died following a heart attack.

Among his achievements were 'I've Seen Better Days,' which was recorded by George Jones and Tammy Wynette, Don Williams' 'Just Enough Love (For One Woman),' 'Jukebox Junky' sung by Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Paycheck's 'She's Got a Drinking Problem.'

"You were truly one of a kind," songwriter/producer Tim DuBois wrote on his friend's Facebook page (quote via The Tennessean). "A lover of songs and writers."

"Danny was a very unique and creative individual," the songwriter's golfing buddy, Tom Long, tells Music Row. "He had an inspiring wit, a huge heart, and a love for music and especially songwriters. He carved his own notch in Music Row history."

In addition to his songwriting, Danny produced and managed Joe Diffie. He also co-authored the book, 'Song Writing from the Inside/Out,' with his 'Blaze of Glory' co-writer Johnny Slate.

Danny is survived by his wife, Sherri West. He will be laid to rest in Hendersonville, Tenn., on Monday (Feb. 20).