A few weeks ago, 'American Idol' finalist Danny Gokey teased fans with his tweet about a trip to Nashville, causing speculation that the soulful singer might just be getting ready to sign with a Music City-based record label.

And while nothing's official, Danny revealed late last week that he has found a Nashville-based producer he's interested in working with - one with his own 'Idol' connection. He's CMA-award-winning producer Mark Bright, who's been at the helm of albums by 'Idol' champ Carrie Underwood and superstar trio Rascal Flatts.

"There's no twang in me," the Wisconsin native tells MTV News, "but I love the message that country [has]. ... Like, could you honestly see me talking about, like, booty and shakin' it, being like, 'Hey, girl!' I'm just not that type of artist." (And we're thankful for that, Danny!)

"You can talk about just about anything in the country theme," he adds. "Think about it: Rascal Flatts, they're like really soul/country. And Taylor Swift, there's not a lot of country in her; she's got some pop to her. ... So I want to do something like that, like a soul/pop/country thing. It makes sense to me."

During the 'Idol' competition, Danny offered his renditions of songs by Carrie and Rascal Flatts, and he's even performing some Flatts tunes on the current American Idols Live! tour. The singer who's as recognizable for his trademark eyeglasses, can see himself fitting perfectly in country music.

"Country music kind of houses the message that I like, and I can still talk about the things in my music that still goes on in that genre," he notes. "And it carries a lot of meaning for me. So I never thought about it before, but I could see myself doing it, if we could just get the twang right."

Danny's home state of Wisconsin, by the way, is also home to some of country music's most popular summer festivals.