Reigning Video Shootout champion Danielle Bradbery returns again this week to face Justin Moore and Parmalee in a new matchup.

Her video for her latest single, 'Young in America,' dominated the latest efforts from Tim McGraw and Miranda Lambert in last week's Shootout, taking more than 70% of the overall vote.

This week the clip squares off against Moore's new video for 'Home Sweet Home,' as well as Parmalee's just-released clip for 'Close Your Eyes.'

Check out all three below.

Only one of these clips can survive the Video Shootout. Vote below as often as once an hour until next Monday, and the winner will move on to compete against two new videos next week!

Video Shootout Rules: The video that receives the most votes wins, and the winner goes on to face two new challengers in the Video Shootout next week. Vote as often as once every hour. Any video that wins four Video Shootouts in a row will be retired into The Boot’s Video Shootout Hall of Fame to allow new clips to compete. Certain videos may be considered for a second Video Shootout.