More details continue to emerge about the upcoming reality series, 'Crazy Hearts: Nashville.' The A&E TV show will follow several up-and-coming artists and musicians as they pursue their professional dreams while battling personal challenges.

Lee Holyfield -- daughter of songwriter Wayland Holyfield -- hopes to follow in her father's career path, but becomes sidetracked due to a break-up with country rocker Leroy Powell, who has already enjoyed some success opening for ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd. While Powell's career seems to be moving full-speed ahead, his personal life is in upheaval, thanks in part to the addition of singer-songwriter Hannah Fairlight, who recently came to town from Atlanta.

Added to the mix is Powell's best friend, singer-songwriter Anthony Billups, one of the owners of the Building, a prime Nashville destination for new talent. Billups is head over heels in love with on-again, off-again girlfriend, singer Amy Wilcox, who, after opening for Kellie Pickler, feels ready to headline her own shows.

Also appearing on 'Crazy Hearts' is Jimmy Stanley, a singer who moonlights at the famous Bluebird Cafe. While waiting for his own turn in the spotlight, he spends time with manager and girlfriend April Nemeth, who wonders if it's wise to mix business and pleasure.

Rounding out the eclectic mix is Heather Byrd, a journalist known for her professional abilities, but who has been unsuccessful in finding true love.

It sounds like the show is already living up to its promise. The producers vowed to “go backstage into the lives and lyrics of several up-and-coming musicians as they try to hit it big, fall in love and live to sing about it," including “love triangles and fiery relationships that will cause rivalry both on- and off-stage.”

'Crazy Hearts: Nashville' premieres Wednesday, January 15 at 11PM ET and Thursday, January 16 at 10PM ET, and will continue every Thursday at 10PM ET.