Craig Morgan certainly got a lot more than he bargained for on his recent family vacation in the Florida Keys. In addition to snorkeling, scuba diving and relaxing on a boat, the singer's son can add "shark escape" to his list of activities on the trip.

"When the tide was out, you could walk on the reef from the island about halfway to the mainland," Morgan told GAC. So [my son] walked out through there, and a shark had got up on the reef and was swimmin' around."

Morgan's son was completely unaware of the impending danger until his sister started screaming, "Shark!" That caused the little boy to stomp in the water, which incited the shark to chase him.

"The shark took off after him," Morgan continued, "and he, in a dead run, takes off running across. And the funny thing is, my daughter's taking pictures the whole time. And we have a picture of him, and it looks like he's runnin' on top of the water, because he's on the reef, and has this rooster tail behind him from the water. We didn't notice it until we got home, when we zoomed in. You can see the shark's fin about 8 or 12 feet behind him in the water. An amazing picture. He feels like a stud!"