Craig Morgan has played all over the world, from neighborhood bars to arenas with thousands of screaming fans. But while the Tennessee native loves entertaining in all kinds of venues, he admits it's the smaller, intimate crowds that he enjoys the most.

"In an environment like [a smaller show], where they're not drinking and it's one thing only -- sit there and listen to music -- for me, it's a little more fun," Morgan tells The Boot. "They're a little more attentive. They're not having as many conversations around them, as they are focused on what's going on on stage, so you're able to tell stories and share a little bit."

The 'Wake Up Lovin' You' singer, who also hosts his own TV show, 'Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors,' says he always enjoys the opportunity to incorporate smaller shows into his schedule.

"Personally, I wish I could make a living doing [those] kind of shows," Morgan concedes. "I love [them] more than anything else. I've played in front of 80,000 people at one time, I’ve done those big venues, and I've played in the little bars, and I've done it all, but when you sit in a theater, and there's all these people sitting out there listening to your music, I mean, to me, there's not a better crowd. It's extremely interactive."

Morgan attributes his close interaction with his fans to one of his rules: No drinking before the show, which applies to his band members as well.

"I don't drink on stage -- everybody knows I have a ‘no drinking before a show’ policy," he explains. "Now, I have guys that don't know their name after the show, but before the show and during the show, we don't do it.”

The United States Army veteran recently teamed up with MoonPie to donate 35,000 of the delectable Southern treats to honor the troops who were returning home for the holidays. Morgan's 2015 schedule includes performances in both small and large concert halls, including a show at the Ryman Auditorium on Jan. 11. See a list of all of his upcoming concerts here.