Craig Morgan's new single, 'This Ain't Nothin',' is a poignant tune about the strength gained from weathering life's storms, and the tune has taken on greater significance for Craig since he's had some intense heartbreak of his own. His mother, Betty Sue, succumbed to cancer at age 63 just a few weeks ago.

"It's really tough," Craig tells Birmingham, Ala. radio station, 973thebuck. "It's especially tough now after having lost my mom. Everything I sing -- in particular, 'This Ain't Nothin' -- takes on a whole new meaning. But that's what country music is. And I think 'This Ain't Nothin',' is probably more representative of our format than a whole lot of music that you're gonna hear on country radio right now. That's the great thing about our format. It is a broad spectrum of music, but 'This Ain't Nothin' is a country song."

Craig's mom shared a love of motorcycles with her son, so much so that Country Weekly reports she would often sneak out after he left for school and pry a knife into the ignition so she could zoom around the neighborhood on his bike and feel the wind in her hair before Craig returned home from school!

Craig recently joined the ranks of artists who have CDs for sale at Cracker Barrel stores . His new album, 'That's Why: The Collector's Edition,' is currently available at restaurants across the U.S.