There's Craig Morgan the country singer, and then there's Craig Morgan the daredevil. Most fans know he likes to ride on the wild side with racing dirt bikes and has even won a few trophies for it. We're not sure if there are trophies for amateur sledding, but we're certainly apt to give Craig a first-place finish after his recent trip downhill.

When middle Tennessee was recently hit with ice and snow, Craig indulged his love of the outdoors with a sled ride down his driveway ... at a speed surely to cause major damage if he wasn't careful. "I did find out that -- in the first big snow we had in Tennessee -- that I can do up to 40 miles an hour on a sled down my driveway," Craig reports, laughing. "But the snow was really deep, and it was iced over ... and someone stood down there just to make sure no traffic was coming. We got to the top of the hill, and by the time you crossed the road and jumped the road into the field, you're doin' about 40 miles an hour on a sled. It was awesome!"

Craig's daredevil side could get a bit more graceful ... He tells Country Weekly that he'd be up for giving ABC's hit show, 'Dancing With the Stars', a twirl. "That's one of the few shows out there that I would love to be on. I would love to try it just to see how I would do," says the 'Love Remembers' singer.

Craig is currently on the country singles charts with 'This Ain't Nothin',' which he'll be sure to perform when he hits the road with Carrie Underwood next month.