Serving ten years in the U.S. Army, as well as a stint working in a sheriff's department, Craig Morgan spent years helping others before becoming a country star. The singer is still dedicated to helping those less fortunate.

Morgan and his wife, Karen, will soon launch Billy's Place -- a temporary home for displaced children until permanent foster care can be arranged, or they can be reunited with their biological family.

"We remember these children being taken to Children's Services," Morgan tells Nashville's Tennessean newspaper. "Sometimes it would take Children's Services until in the morning to find the kids a foster home, and the kids would have to stay in the Children's Services office sleeping on a mat or a couch. Karen and I witnessed this a few times, and we always said that if we ever had the chance to prevent that from happening, we would."

"I do it because I've been so blessed, and I feel like every time I give back, the Lord just gives me so much more," Morgan continues. "And it's neat with the kids."

Morgan will also host his annual Craig Morgan Charity Ride later this year, giving participants the opportunity to ride trails with Bucky Covington and several famous motorcross experts. Later that evening, Morgan, Covington and Blake Shelton will perform an acoustic concert, with the proceeds from the event benefiting various children's charities.

Morgan has also been busy as a spokesperson for Bush's Beans. Recently in Florida filming a commercial with pitchman Jeb Bush and his famous dog, Duke, Morgan refuses divulge the famous "secret family recipe," but he did reveal one little known fact: Duke wears make-up!

"They are powdering the dog's nose as we speak," Morgan reported from the set. "They are putting makeup around his eyes and nose!"