The ink on Craig Campbell's record deal with Red Bow Records is still fresh, but the singer has announced a new publishing deal with Magic Mustang Music.

Both Red Bow and Magic Mustang are part of the BBR Music Group family.

"I'm super excited to join the Magic Mustang roster," Campbell says. "Some of my favorite songs I've written have been with writers Rob Hatch and Justin Wilson, and now to be a part of that family is a pretty big deal to me. I've always admired what Juli [Newton-Griffith, Magic Mustang's vice president of publishing] and the Magic Mustang team do in the publishing world, and I am so looking forward to what is ahead."

Campbell co-wrote most of the songs on his self-titled 2011 album, including the autobiographical tune 'Family Man,' and he has writing credits on half of the songs from his 2013 sophomore album, 'Never Regret.' Campbell also helped pen 'All American Kid,' from Garth Brooks' latest album 'Man Against Machine,' his first song recorded by another artist.

“I’ve never had another artist record any of my songs, which I think a lot of people don’t know,” Campbell says. “I write for myself, of course, but I’ve never had an outside cut. For the first one to be Garth, well, that’s pretty amazing."