Country music artists are known to have fat paychecks, but now we know just how much money some of our favorite artists are earning per second, and the results are surprising.

Skyrange calculated the per-second earnings of some music's top moneymakers, including a few big country names. Toby Keith, one of Forbes' highest-paid musicians in 2014, made $65 million in total for the year, which breaks down to $2.06 per second. Keith's earnings come from not only his music, but his business empire, which includes his I Love This Bar & Grill restaurant chain; partial ownership of the Show Dog-Universal record label, along with a stake in Big Machine; and his own line of mezcal.

Even though he spent the year off the roadKenny Chesney still made $44 million in 2014, or $1.40 per second. Jason Aldean made $1.17 per second, or $37 million total, last year, while his good friend Luke Bryan netted $1.08 per second, totaling $34 million in 2014. Country-turned-pop star Taylor Swift made $64 million last year, which breaks down to $2.03 each second.

But all of country's rich artists still fall way behind 2014's leading music moneymaker. Dr. Dre sold his Beats headphones to Apple for $3 billion, making his salary last year $620 million, or $19.66 per second. According to Skyrange, that's the biggest single-year payout in the history of the music industry.

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