What's blasting from your favorite stars' speakers this holiday season? Mostly traditional Yuletide tunes, we found out.

Faith HillFaith Hill says she turns to artists like Johnny Mathis and Nat King Cole for her holiday choices. "There's something about that sound, even of the instrumentation that I just love so much," explains the Mississippi girl. "I'm always buying Christmas albums, and I've bought a lot over the years, but the ones that always end up in my player are the Johnny Mathis, Elvis Presley [albums]." Last year, Faith released her own Christmas album, 'Joy to the World.'

Alan Jackson seems to agree with Faith on the era of Christmas recordings. "When we listen to Christmas songs, we put on the old ones that you grew up with, and the classic recordings ... from Gene Autry to Nat King, and all the guys and Bing Crosby and everybody," says the Georgia native.

Carrie Underwood's favorite Christmas song is 'O Holy Night.' "It just talks about the grandness of that night, and it's very powerful," says the Oklahoma beauty. "And it's powerful singing it, and to me, it's always been very powerful listening to it."

Keith Anderson could listen to Christmas music year round. "It's my favorite music period ... I've got so many CDs, and there's so much great Christmas music that I'll break it out in November. I don't even wait until after Thanksgiving. The day after Halloween is when I start breaking out Christmas music. I just love it." One song in particular that he truly loves, he recorded for 2007's 'Hear Something Country Christmas.' "One of my favorites of all time I got to actually record. I've sang it forever, just growing up doing acoustic stuff, playing with my family over the holidays, and it's 'Please Come Home for Christmas,' the old Eagles' song."

SugarlandSugarland just released their first holiday album, 'Gold and Green,' this year, and singer Jennifer Nettles describes to us her favorites. "I have three favorites on this album -- 'Gold and Green,' 'Coming Home' and 'O Come, O Come Emmanuel,' two of them being originals that we wrote. 'Gold and Green,' which to me has such a beautiful sentiment and feels like such a classic Christmas song. 'Coming Home' which is like a gospel, revival song. And obviously 'O Come, O Come Emmanuel' which is just beautiful and haunting and longing and celebration in the chorus. To me it's the perfect Christmas song."

Sara Evans has a four-song digital EP available online this year. 'I'll be Home for Christmas' features the title track, as well as 'Go Tell It on the Mountain,' 'O Come All Ye Faithful' and 'New Again,' a song Sara wrote with -- and sings with -- Brad Paisley . "All of the old hymns and old Christmas songs, especially the religious ones, are always my favorite because it's very sacred, the lyrics to these songs, and what they're talking about," Sara explains.

Newcomer Mallory Hope says her favorite Christmas music is the traditional songs. "I love Bing Crosby, Fred Astaireand Dean Martin. I love hearing them sing all the older songs, like 'Silent Night' and 'Away in a Manger' and 'Go Tell it On the Mountain.' And all the songs I grew up on ... I love listening to Elvis Presley sing. I have his whole Christmas record on vinyl, and I love listening to that. And the Carpenters, they had a great Christmas record, and I love listening to them. And Dolly Parton, of course, has the Christmas album she did with Kenny Rogers."