On the heels of the release of his new single, 'You Make Me,' Cory Branan is preparing to release his new full-length album.

'The No-Hit Wonder' will be released Aug. 19 via Bloodshot Records. The album features guests Craig Finn and Steve Selvidge of the Hold Steady, Caitlin Rose, Tim Easton, Austin Lucas and Jason Isbell, who joins Branan on 'You Make Me.'

“Cory Branan is one of my favorite songwriters working today," Isbell says. "He writes beautiful melodies, heartbreaking phrases, and very smart lyrics. This is the kind of record that makes you hit pause every so often to process what the crazy b---ard just said. Brilliant stuff.”

'The No-Hit Wonder' is available for pre-order on CD and LP via Bloodshot Records.

Cory Branan, 'The No-Hit Wonder' Track Listing:

1. 'You Make Me' (feat. Jason Isbell)
2. 'The No-Hit Wonder' (feat. Craig Finn and Steve Selvidge of the Hold Steady)
3. 'The Only You'
4. 'Sour Mash' (feat. Tim Easton)
5. 'C'Mon Shadow'
6. 'Missing You Fierce'
7. 'All I Got and Gone'
8. 'All the Rivers in Colorado' (feat. Caitlin Rose and Austin Lucas)
9. 'Daddy Was a Skywriter'
10. 'The Highway Home' (feat. Jason Isbell)
11. 'Meantime Blues'