Corey Smith is getting set to release his new single, 'Ain't Going Out Tonight,' but readers of The Boot get to hear it early via this exclusive song premiere.

The Jefferson, Ga. native has built a very strong, loyal fan base largely by word of mouth on the strength of his live shows since quitting his day job as a high school teacher five years ago to strike out on the adventure of making music full-time. Smith has sold more than a million concert tickets and more than 1.8 million singles, grossing more than $9 million in revenue.

That kind of success has attracted the attention of some major players in the music industry. 'Ain't Going Out Tonight' is the first single from Smith's ninth album, which finds him working with celebrated producer Keith Stegall (Zac Brown Band, Alan Jackson) after producing his previous eight albums himself.

The song centers around an energetic rhythm track that's colored by traditional instrumentation like the banjo. The result is a mix of classic and contemporary country that's a perfect fit for commercial country radio.

'Ain't Going Out Tonight' is available for download at iTunes.

Listen to Corey Smith, 'Ain't Going Out Tonight'