Colt Ford is set to release his first live concert DVD on Nov. 11.

'Crank It Up! Colt Ford Live at Wild Adventures' was filmed during Ford's performance at Wild Adventures Park in Valdosta, Ga., on Aug. 2. The 129-minute long DVD features 20 hit songs from the course of Ford's career.

“Returning to Valdosta to film this live concert DVD was nostalgic for me,” Ford says. “This area was the first to embrace my music and come out to my shows. These fans have been there from the beginning.”

The DVD will retail for $14.98, including bonus behind-the-scenes footage and 10 episodes of Ford's 'Mr. Goodtime TV' series.

'Crank It Up!' is available for preorder on Amazon.

'Crank It Up! Colt Ford Live at Wild Adventures' Track Listing:

1. 'Answer to No One'
2. 'The High Life'
3. 'Crank It Up!'
4. 'Back'
5. 'Crickets'
6. 'Country Thang'
7. 'Drivin' Around Song'
8. 'Mr. Goodtime'
9. Medley: 'Waste Some Time' / 'Cricket on a Line' / 'Huntin' the World'
10. 'Workin' On'
11. 'Ride Through the Country'
12. 'She's Like'
13. 'Chicken and Biscuits'
14. 'Dirty Side'
15. 'Hip Hop in a Honky Tonk'
16. 'Washed in the Mud'
17. 'No Trash in My Trailer'
18. 'Thanks for Listening'
19. 'Waffle House'
20. 'Dirt Road Anthem'