Colt Ford's first live DVD, ‘Crank It Up! Colt Ford Live at Wild Adventures,' is coming to the small screen. AXS-TV will premiere the concert special on Feb. 10 at 10 PM ET.

The premiere follows Ford's guest appearance on 'Discovering Lucy Angel.' In the episode, Ford works with family trio Lucy Angel to produce a new song.

“Colt Ford’s concert special and featured appearance on 'Discovering Lucy Angel' are the perfect pairing of music and TV,” Evan Haiman, AXS-TV’s vice president of music programming and production, says. “This double-dose of Ford will liven up the night for country fans everywhere.”

‘Crank It Up! Colt Ford Live at Wild Adventures,' which was released in November, was recorded live at Wild Adventures Park in Valdosta, Ga., in August.

“Returning to Valdosta to film this live concert DVD was nostalgic for me,” the Georgia native says. “This area was the first to embrace my music and come out to my shows. These fans have been there from the beginning.”

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