Back in March, Colt Ford released 'The High Life,' featuring Chase Rice, as the first single off his upcoming album, 'Thanks For Listening.' Today, The Boot has an exclusive trailer for the song's video!

"Let me paint this picture for ya," raps Ford at the start of the trailer, and it's an impressive picture indeed. The video was shot at Aerial, a rooftop event venue in downtown Nashville, so the trailer includes some really sweet shots of the city's skyline and nighttime on historic lower Broadway.

"When I originally wrote ['The High Life'], I was like, 'This is Colt,' but I didn't know him," Rice says of the tune. But the two later became friends, and Ford says it made sense to do a song together.

"We've got the same fan base," he observes. "We're fun, party kinda guys, Southern boys, and like the same things."

So, Rice sent over the chorus, and Ford says he "rewrote some verses and turned it into a very cool song."

'The High Life' is available for download via iTunes, Amazon and Google. 'Thanks For Listening,' Ford's fifth studio album, is due on July 1.