Cole Swindell's debut single, 'Chillin' It,' from his self-titled freshman album, has been certified a gold and platinum hit -- which was a surprise to the hitmaker.

Swindell went to Nashville's trendy downtown bar, Seen, last week for what he thought was supposed to be a taped appearance of his performance for an upcoming episode of 'CMT Listen Up.' Little did he know the crowd had gathered for a celebration of the success of his debut single, which went quickly from gold status -- signifying sales of 500,000 units -- to platinum status for sales over one million units.

"You only get a first single once," an excited Swindell told the crowd (quote via CMT). "The fact that it was accepted by not only radio but over one million fans is beyond anything I could ever have dreamed up. This is something I will never forget."

The Georgia native says he knew the song, which he co-wrote with Shane Minor, was the perfect lead-off single.

"The folks who are buying music just want to have fun," he notes, "and 'Chillin’ It' is the perfect song to introduce me to them. It isn't a full-out party song, and it isn't serious. Like it says, it's just a chill song, and that's just me."

Swindell's follow-up single, 'Hope You Get Lonely,' is already in the Top 30 and climbing. He is currently on the road with Luke Bryan, serving as the opening act on Bryan's That's My Kind of Night Tour, which heads to Canada for a series of shows next week. See all of his upcoming concerts here.