Beware of shady characters selling concert tickets. That's the the lesson a Murfressboro, Tenn. woman recently learned when trying to purchase tickets to CMA Music Festival. Nashville TV station WKRN reports that 19-year-old Trisha Brace was scammed by a woman from Colorado, when trying to purchase four-passes to the festival over Craigslist. (Watch the news clip below.)

"She said, 'It's four tickets, Section B,' and it also came with a parking ticket. It was $700, which is a really good price for those," Trisha tells the the ABC affiliate station.

Unfortunately, the seller talked Trisha into paying through Western Union, rather than via eBay's payment site, PayPal. "They said [they] didn't want to go through PayPal because either it wasn't working or she's been scammed before through it," the Middle Tennessee State University student explains.

After making the payment, she was told that the tickets would arrive on Friday, but instead communication with the Colorado woman ceased.

"She said she was going to send them out, we never got any proof," Trisha continues. "My mom was calling her on Friday. I guess Western Union tried calling the lady, too, and there was no answer. The line was completely cut off."

The country fan has since contacted the police as well as eBay. According to the company, the PayPal account looked "legitimate," but was not valid.

"I'm very frustrated," Trisha laments. "I'm out of money, $756. Very frustrated and no tickets."

Read the full story here, and if you still need tickets to Music Fest shows and events, you can purchase them safely here.

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