Clint Black is suing his manager/accountant, Charles Sussman, for alleged financial misguidance.

Nashville's City Paper reports that Black's lawsuit seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages from Sussman and his Music Row law firm, Gudvi, Sussman and Oppenheim, claiming they "repeatedly engaged in self-dealing, negligence, and/or gross negligence" with the singer's finances.

Black also claims he was inadvertently "providing an interest-free, unsecured loan" to Equity Records because Sussman allegedly convinced him to assign over $500,000 in royalties to the company. Sussman and Black both have minority ownership in the record label, but Black claims assigning those royalties offered him nothing in return.

Further, the suit alleges Sussman had Black sign more than $1,000,000 worth of personal guaranties for Equity, while secretly taking monthly payments from the label. And in addition, the singer accuses Sussman of keeping him in the dark about the specifics of Little Big Town's contract with the Equity label, leading him to believe they were signed to a long-term deal. The platinum-selling group left Equity Music Group in April to sign with Capitol Records.