Clay Walker has released a brand-new single, "Right Now." The song, written by Walker along with Shane Minor and Wade Kirby, is from an upcoming new album.

“Working with Shane and Wade, who are not only tremendous musicians, but great friends, was really inspiring,” Walker says in a statement. “Shane thought that we should write something that would showcase what he calls 'the bluesy feel of my voice,' so he thought to call in Wade. What we came away with was, for me, ‘soulful magic’ -- a song that’s for everyone that has let themselves be vulnerable to the possibility of love."

Walker's last single, "Jesse James," from his 2010 She Won't Be Lonely Long album, was released in 2012. The three-year break, Walker says, has allowed him to focus on the direction he wants to take his next record.

“I’ve always felt like one of those people that was out front, and now I feel like one of those people that has learned so much by this explosion of what our format sounds like now, and I love it,” Walker tells The Boot. “It’s given me this huge burst of energy to go in there and make stuff that competes, sounds a little bit like [what's on radio], but has my touch.”

The Texan is eager to add his new music to the songs already being played by some of the reigning hitmakers.

“Our format needed to change,” he says. “It was getting stagnant, and I feel like the new music that is there, it’s in rough form, but we’re growing. We’re gaining new fans, and that’s what you want to do as a business. We need our format to grow.”

Download "Right Now" on iTunes.

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