CHuck WicksSince Chuck Wicks' 'Stealing Cinderella' hit country airwaves in 2007, the tender ballad has been played at countless weddings during the customary father-daughter dance. One Nashville-based father-of-the-bride took the experience to a whole new level recently, when his daughter was wed.

"When Jamie got engaged, she said 'Dad, you gotta start thinking about what you want for our dance," the proud papa told wedding guests, according to Nashville Gab. "Immediately, I said 'I want 'Stealing Cinderella.'"

The bride was a bit disappointed, however, when she learned the wedding band they'd hired didn't know the song. But dad didn't disappoint -- instead he gave his daughter something better -- Chuck Wicks himself.

"There's nothing like Chuck Wicks singing 'Stealing Cinderella,'" Jamie's dad told the assembled guests during the reception. "So we got Chuck Wicks here to sing 'Stealing Cinderella.'"

A video of the memorable moment can be seen here.