Chris YoungWhen Chris Young was in the studio recording his sophomore album, 'The Man I Want To Be,' the singer admits that he almost didn't give the title track a chance.

"They brought it in, and at the time we had already cut about three ballads. I was like, 'I don't want to have a ballad-heavy record. I don't want to put people to sleep,'" Chris tells The Boot with a laugh. "I got in that mindset of we cut two ballads, and I didn't want to cut more than three on the record. I asked them what the song was, and they said, 'It's this ballad ...' I was like 'Well, I don't even want to hear it.' They were like, 'If you don't cut this then somebody else will.'"

Chris finally gave in and decided to give the song a listen.

"I took the CD into the other room," Chris remembers. "They had just cut the demo on it, and nobody had heard it yet. I listened to the first verse and the chorus, and I was hooked! I was like, 'This song is amazing! I'm an idiot! I need to cut this!'"

Not only did the song become the title of the album, but it was also released to the follow up No. 1 smash 'Gettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song).'

"This is one of my favorite songs on the record," notes Chris. "You have that kind of epiphany moment where you're like that has to go on the album. It's hard finding songs like that that fits the record."

'The Man I Want To Be,' written by songwriting greats Brett James and Tim Nichols, is currently climbing the country singles charts.