Chris Young often wears a ball cap with a big orange "T" across the front, but people might be surprised to find out what that T actually stands for! Chris is a Tennessee native and a big football fan who often attends Titans games when he can. He's also a huge UT fan from way back, just not the UT many might expect -- which would be the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

Instead, the Murfreesboro native's blood runs burnt orange, the color of that other UT – the University of Texas in Austin. And you can bet he'll be cheering on the Longhorns as they take on the Oklahoma Sooners in their intense, decades-long rivalry this weekend in Dallas.

"I get in trouble all the time over this," Chris admits to The Boot with a laugh. "I was born in Tennessee, and I lived here most of my life. But I also lived in Texas, and I've always been a Texas Longhorns fan ... I was never a Vols fan. I have nothing against them, but my cousins were just over the top about them all the time growing up."

Chris says he "found" his Lone Star state team thanks to an aunt and uncle who lived in Texas. "I lived there for a while, so that kind of cemented it. Even last year when we, for the first time in forever, did not go to a bowl game, I was a huge Texas fan. It's one of those things that kind of throws people off when they see the hat. They go, 'Oh you're from Texas.' And I say, 'No, I'm from Tennessee.' They're like, "So you're a Tennessee fan.' Then I say, 'No, I'm a Texas fan.' And you see them, their brain kind of explodes for a second!"

Fans can check out the devoted UT fan wearing yet another "hat" this weekend on GAC's new TV show, 'Day Jobs.' The 'Tomorrow' singer steps back into his HVAC uniform and his old life as he helps install some heating and air-conditioning units for a day. The program features Chris and other artists returning to the jobs they used to have before they made it big as artists to see if they still have what it takes and to find out how those jobs have helped shape their lives. Chris appears on this week's episode along with buddy Craig Morgan and Little Big Town's Kimberly Schlapman.

Meanwhile, Chris's new single, 'You,' is currently moving up the charts, and he'll return home on Oct. 11 for a show at Nashville's Grand Ole Opry House.

Watch Our Day in the Life of Chris Young Video

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