Most artists only celebrate a hit single if it goes all the way to No. 1. But in Chris Young's case, he's already thrown himself a party for the success of his current Top 10 hit 'Gettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song).'

"I had two songs go to No. 37, so when it got past 37 it was like, OK, that's pretty cool! I had my own little party after it did that," he tells CMT Insider with a laugh. When the song broke into the Top 10, Chris says he was thrilled because he knows just how significant that is in the music business today.

"I'm probably twice as excited [to have a top 10 hit] because I understand sometimes how hard it is to get there," says the singer. "I understand what it's like to have a song not get there for whatever reason -- whether it's timing or other songs being out or just whatever the reason was."

As the song reaches the Top 5 (it's currently No. 3), he's hopeful it could go all the way to the top spot.

"It's just really exciting for me to see the song doing well," he says. "As I'm watching it climb higher and higher, it's still just kind of surreal to me. You sit there and look at it and go 'it's going to keep going.' This is pretty cool!"

'Gettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song)' is the second single from Chris' second album, 'The Man I Want to Be,' released in September.