Chris Young experienced a historic moment on the Grand Ole Opry stage, during his most recent performance at the iconic country music venue, strumming a one-of-a-kind guitar once owned by the late country legend Keith Whitley.

"Keith Whitley has always been one of my musical heroes," Chris shares. "To get the chance to hold a piece of history in my hands and play his guitar on the Opry stage was beyond awesome."

The Sigma by Martin, one of Keith's three primary guitars, was discovered by Music City Pickers, a company that buys and sells vintage instruments. Chris acquired the guitar from the Nashville-based company, which is owned by country singer Brady Seals and former Gibson Guitars web editor Gabriel Hernandez.

Fans hoping to share in the moment with Chris can tune into GAC's 'Opry Live' on Saturday (Oct. 29) to watch him perform his hits 'You' and 'Tomorrow,' as well as Keith's No. 1 country classic, 'Don't Close Your Eyes.'

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