Chris Young's latest single, 'You,' is a declaration of love from a guy who's head over heels to the girl who made him that way. Considering his last chart-topping single, 'Tomorrow,' was also a tender love song from the other end of the spectrum -- getting over a difficult, complicated love affair -- it's obvious Chris likes those songs that deal with love and romance. So as a confirmed bachelor who was named Country Weekly's "Hottest Bachelor" two times in the past three years, just exactly what kind of girl would it take to rock the country hunk's world?

"It would take somebody who -- and this is my thing and I'm totally ADD -- I'll do spur of the moment stuff," Chris tells The Boot. "So, hopefully it would be somebody who's comfortable with going to a McDonalds drive-thru and somebody who's just as comfortable with, 'Hey, let's go have a really nice dinner spur of the moment,' and they'd deal with it. It's tough with the job I have. Being able to go with the flow really, really helps, especially with as hectic as my job can be."

Since Chris is on the road most of the time these days, his ideal match might have to be good at housecleaning as well. The singer admits his bus is always much tidier than his house.

"I go home and there's dust on everything because I'm never there," he admits.

When he does have those rare precious moments at home, Chris notes that he's "a little bit of a geek lately, playing Xbox Black Ops a lot, and getting online. And I read quite a bit. Finding new books to read and relaxing is what I enjoy when I do have some time to spend on my own."

With all the celebrating he's done and the gold plaques he's received for 'Tomorrow' and 'The Man I Want to Be,' and with the recent release of his 'Neon' album, Chris may have even more reason to clear some wall space -- and have more to dust as well -- if he takes home the trophy for New Artist of the Year at this year's CMA Awards.

Still, he won't be doing that dusting any time soon, since he's continuing to tour and will make his debut on the 'Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson' on Monday night (Sept. 12) on CBS. He then returns to the road, opening for Jason Aldean. Keep track of his tour schedule here.

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