Chris Young has been spotted around Nashville and on stage lately not wearing his trademark cowboy hat. It has the women swooning, and the fans asking the singer, "Where is your hat?" One thing is certain, though, the Tennessee native isn't trying to hide anything when he does wear the Stetson.

"The biggest thing for me is I feel like I can wear a hat, or I can not wear a hat, and I'm kind of enjoying not wearing one right now," Chris tells The Boot. "Really, the biggest thing is it's been, everybody's like, 'Holy crap. We can see your face when you're onstage.' And the other thing, and it sounds funny, but I'm going up to people and I'm like, 'You know, I'm 25, right?' And they say, 'Yeah.' It's like, 'So, why do you think I didn't have hair?' No one can explain it. They just laugh."

With or without the hat, Chris is still the same person. "I don't think me with a hat on or a hat off, I'm going to be country as crap, regardless," he confirms. "I'm just kind of exploring it and enjoying it."

The singer has not ditched the hat completely, but he did decide to go without it in a couple of scenes for the video for his latest single, 'Tomorrow,' as well as the photo shoot for his upcoming album, 'Neon.' "There's a lot of stuff in the new video we just shot," Chris says. "There's a shot of me with the hat. There's a shot of me not wearing it. The photo shoot we did there's stuff, hat and no hat. So, it's just kind of keeping people on their toes."

Chris is slated to perform a couple of shows this weekend. He will be in Ardmore, Okla., tonight (March 25), followed by a concert in Wichita, Kan., Saturday (March 26).

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