Chris Young is all about family at Christmas, like most folks, and he makes sure he's blocked time off from the road around the holidays. One of his favorite traditions is helping the rest of his family put a tree up at his parents' house.

"Whether I put up a tree at my house or anybody else in our family does it, we always put up a tree at their house," Chris tells The Boot. "And it's funny, we've got the boxes and boxes of ornaments that don't match, but somehow once they all get on the tree, it looks like we meant to do that. So, we've got ornaments from when my parents were kids and when we were kids. And you talk about that when you're hanging things on the tree, and it's just a time to really remember everything that you've done and be with your family."

The 'Gettin' You Home' singer has already picked out what he wants to get for everyone, and says because of his success this year, "It's on ... I'm gonna go make people hate me because I'm gonna get 'em, hopefully, gifts that they really, really wanted."

One present he's definitely getting is a new radio for his sister's truck because "she still has the cassette player that came in this truck, and it used to be mine and I gave it to her."

And one person on Chris' list is going to find a new TV under the tree, but he won't reveal the recipient of the high-end gift. So, what's on the Tennessee native's own wish list? Nothing, yet.

"People keep asking me what I want for Christmas. I've got a guitar endorsement and I'm on the road all the time. I don't know," Chris explains. "I'm pretty simple ... I think three years ago, four years ago, I got an Xbox for Christmas, and I still haven't gotten rid of that."

One thing he's happy to do each holiday season is to take part in Charlie Daniels' annual 'Christmas for Kids' benefit, which took place last month. The funds raised from the annual concert and artist bus tour go to children in need to assist them in buying gifts for themselves and their families, while a handful of country stars usually take them shopping. Chris describes the whole event as "a tearjerker moment," but the first time he took a child shopping, "the very first thing the kid did was walk over and start buying clothes. I was like, 'Alright, here's my wallet. Go ahead, just run it until the card stops working kid, go ahead.' So, it was really cool for me to be a part of that."

Chris received his first Christmas gift a bit early when his hit song, 'Gettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song),' went to No. 1 in October. He's now climbing the charts with his new single, 'The Man I Want to Be.'