Chris YoungChris Young is hitting the road with one of his heroes, Alan Jackson, beginning Thursday (April 8), and sometimes it takes him a few minutes to believe his good fortune.

While Chris says it feels amazingly cool to get to tour with Alan, it's also a bit disconcerting. "Just even saying it is kind of weird for me -- saying that I'm going to be on tour with Alan Jackson," explains the singer. "This is somebody that so many people are huge fans of his music, but, especially for me, the people that I mention when I start saying, 'I'm a big fan of ... ,' he's one of the people that's always mentioned, just because I love his music. I love him as a songwriter."

The Tennessee native actually got a chance to open a couple of shows for the superstar last year. "I remember I was so excited about that, and now ... it's just a big deal." And Chris is proud of the fact that he is able to tell people he is going out with Alan. "It's just a lot different than last year -- 'Hey! I'm gonna go do a fair.'"

The Freight Train tour, featuring Alan, Chris and Josh Turner, hits the tracks on Thursday (April 8) in Ft. Myers, Fla.

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